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Arabic-expensive supercar ordered more than a hundred

W Motors, world famous company, which will create its first supercar, именуемый Lуkan Hypersport, announced, that the number of vehicle orders worth about 3,5 millions dollars exceeded a hundred. Among them were Russian buyers. And with all this range of car is not going to exceed even 7 единиц.

Despite the rather impressive price tag, this Arab supercar has got at least a hundred pre-orders of business vastly different countries. The first time the car presented in Qatari Motor Show, at the end of the first winter month 2013 года. Given all that has happened, can say with confidence, that the new Lukan Hupersport have all chances to become the record for speed car sales of ultra-expensive cars.

And even with such a crazy popularity has the firm intention of the Arabs to produce a W Motors 7 machines, could not shake. In an interview with the main board chairman, and along with CEO Ralph Debbas known Arabic magazine Arabian Business Qatar, Debbas was announced, that he would like to, to first-cars were sold to Arabs, completely despite the fact, they have orders from other Western and Eastern countries.

Although this small series kompaniya W Motors will not be limited, because no manufacturer is ready to just go and take his own earning many hundreds of millions of extra dollars. The release of these supercars will be held in Tyrine, Italian town, but the company plans to move the entire assembly in the other, Arab towns already (к примеру, Dubai).

According to the manufacturers, new Lykan Hypersport in the final version will be equipped with LED optics, created on the latest technologies and large diamonds inlaid, leather seats, stitched with gold thread and interactive display, which will play the role of the dashboard. Speed ​​bar in 100 km / h supercar with its capabilities will be overcome just 3 (2,8, claim in W Motors) seconds. All this thanks to the latest "oppozitnik" twin-turbo power as much as 750 l. with. Maximum speed will be about 390 km / h. And everyone who buys a car superfast Arabic will be given a gift of a unique brand watches Cyrus Klepcys, their price will be much more 200 in thousands. is.

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  1. Class, machine fire. I suppose those, who bought this car obviously it took to Ponta, if only to show off… Where will the us, our roads to ride on such a machine?

  2. But what, our rich people are always at the forefront of the Arab sheiks! And how is it planned to release only 7 Car for the first time, here-even the richest are not enough, not, just rich. Of course, diamonds are impressive, and engine power, and a bonus in the form of hours per 200 thousands - a trifle, but it's nice. Happy for future buyers.

  3. The car can and worth the money, however, where the Russians will be able to take advantage of all its benefits? After all, on our roads at a rate not proedesh, and have a toy, which is worth several million dollars, probably not worth it.

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