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Qoros - a new brand of Chinese automobile industry

Most recently learned the details about the new Chinese cars autocompanies Qoros. In March of this year, in Geneva, planned to show the first of a series of future line car brand Qoros. According to current data, Qoros present 3 types of cars: standard and most popular among most of the population - sedan, no less popular wagon, as well as, for the true fans of "Russian" of roads - crossover.

Surprisingly, but among the shareholders listed in the same Chinese company Chery Automobile, cars which have become very popular in recent years. In addition, Company Qoros convinces, that their cars will be the highest quality among them "Chinese" rivals. Probably not just involved in the production of the world's leading companies, such as Bosch, Continental…, as well as Microsoft, that will surprise all. Same, among the leaders of a new brand can be found the names of people, previously worked in companies - BMW, Jaguar, etc.. n. It is possible for, that in the near future Qoros cars can become the best selling in the world.

It should tell you more about cars, and they, based on the received data and images, will have the following dimensions: length - 461.5 cm, width - 183.9 cm and a height 144.5 cm, and the wheelbase will be 269 cm. These characteristics, видимо, will apply to all 3 such as new Qoros 3. On the first car company will have two 1.6-liter gasoline engine. Everyone will have 4 cylinder, but they differ in power. If one - turbocharged, be in power 156 l. s., then the second - atmospheric, only 126 l. with. And the, and other options will come with a 6-speed manual transmission. Same, cars will be equipped with start-stop. In the future there will be two new engines for their cars from third-party manufacturers, and more specifically, 1.2-liter and 1.6-liter another turbo (its capacity to be 4 l. with. more turbo engine, set in the first car).

The first machines, curiously enough, appear in China. In the free market, they will be in the second half of the year, and later spread to Europe and Asia. The company also mentioned, that the next update of the series will once in six months from the issuance of the first cars. This rate of appearance of new models at the expense of using the platform, consisting of units.

In Qoros plan, that cars will be "Chinese" production, of natural causes. Amount of the issue will be about 150.000 — 450.000 car of the year.

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  2. Again China! I have a stamp of Chinese cars tangled, interesting, and that something will be different from others, or again recast 5-year-old European model?

  3. While US and European manufacturers reflect the Chinese are developing. I'm sure, the Chinese quality will only improve and soon the new Chinese cars in anything will not yield to American and Japanese. Is that a price.

  4. China rushes into the ranks of the world leaders in the automotive industry. And, I think, they have all the chances to achieve their goals. The prices of their cars attractive, and technical characteristics of good. I had to communicate with the owners of Chinese-made cars, reviews make you think. Quality getting better, and the Chinese are seriously on the design work.

  5. I want to believe, that produced in China, the car will be on a par with European cars. No wonder that Chery is connected to the production of well-known companies in the world. According to the description of the car is not bad. I would like to see it as soon as possible .

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