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Laying of sewerage

Прокладка наружной канализации

In order to carry out the installation of outdoor sewer pipes, you should use smooth pipes, made from PVC or polypropylene, in which the outer surface of the orange. In some cases, there may be employed an increased stiffness of the pipe, которые, в основном, used in deep bedding. If the gasket outdoor sewerage involves the use of non-ferrous pipes, then the inner liner is made only sewer pipes gray.

Especially popular are the sewer plastic pipe with a diameter of 110 millimeters. They are widely used in the construction of the country, в основном, Sewage, Evacuation of the water with their application can be used in the construction of a building or purifying water from a group of buildings.

If you use red for sewer pipes, they, when they are under the ground, not corrode. If they are properly routed, it excluded the possibility of internal contamination, несмотря на то, they have a smooth inner surface. Laying of pipes carried out, в основном, to a depth of 3 метров.

It should be remembered, that if the construction site is no centralized sewerage, you should choose from the following options::

  • hermetic storage for waste;
  • septic tank;
  • Bioremediation station.

After, how to work prepared trench, carried out further activities, which provide for pipe installation: от 50 to 100 mm should fill a layer of sand on the bottom of the trench, and then manually hold its seal. To build external sewerage network, used pipe, as mentioned earlier, orange. It should be cleaned of contamination internal elements of sockets, as well as check for seal rings.

It should be remembered, that the construction of private homes should strictly adhere to specific standards:

  • If you use a pipe in diameter 110 мм, it is necessary to adhere to the bias in the 2 см, in calculating for each meter;
  • If you are using a smaller diameter pipe (50мм), such a bias is increased to 3 сантиметров.

To connect pipes and fittings, use liquid soap or silicone grease. In this case, the spigot is lubricated and inserted together with a rubber band into the socket. On the prepared base of sand stacked pipes.


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