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Porsche Macan will appear in a year

Sufficiently compact crossover called the Porsche Macan should go on sale in 2014 year, and the manufacturer plans, that it will be the best selling model of the company. This car aspires to the role of the sports car in its class, but he will be provided with a weak engine.

The most powerful engine, which will be equipped with this car at the start of their sales, three-liter V6 petrol will, equipped with a twin-turbocharged, who will be able to develop a little less 400 HP. However, by some accounts a little later to add to it a number of two-liter four-cylinder engine, as diesel, and gasoline. In this manner, the car will be the first Porsche with four-cylinder engine from the time the vehicle 968, whose production was halted in 1995 year. Motors will be aggregated as with 7-step "robot", and with the "mechanics" with the same number of transmissions.

It is already known, that the car was built on a platform of VW MLB, which is actively used in the Audi. However in Porsche zaâvili, platform that significantly revised, especially the front part of the suspension for better handling. The company plans to produce only AWD Macan, and on variations of body, lineup will be more. Manufacturer seriously contemplating on the release version of the crossover trehdveroy.

Basic version with a V6 engine Macan, as planned, will cost about 40 thousands of euros. But does not exclude, that due to the four-cylinder engines from the manufacturer will is strong enough to lower the cost. If at the moment the company is calculated annually sell 55 thousands of machines, then later, this figure could rise to 75 thousand, and it can make Macan most popular modern Porsche.


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