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Osnovnыe harakteristiki Citroen Эlise

Основные характеристики Ситроен Элисе

French cars have always caused some skepticism in the domestic car enthusiast. However, in recent years clearly observed an increasing tendency for the purchase of a new budget model, Citroen as Alice. What attracts buyers it and whether it is justified by the unexpected popularity among the people?

The exterior design is quite good — strongly marked «squint» Headlights, intricate lines hood and side, and moreover — net, life-affirming color, making machine charming city streets, and even if it increasing in size. In the standard Citroen Alice has 15-inch steel wheels, as an option and available 16-inch alloy.

The internal design of interior — issue, but it is a matter of taste. Someone is not satisfied with the instrument panel and button. Some people do not like the lack of cup holders in the «masthead» version and the annoying presence of the glove box, center armrest. Really, Lowered as it can interfere with a quick scroll wheel and easy access to the lever of a manual brake. Also, Review owners, very inconveniently located buttons windows. Trunk at Citroen Alice roomy, but did not elaborate — going on vacation, five suitcases there is not vpihnesh. But the available heated front seats and a lot of free space for both passengers, and driver.

Stereo fully equipped Citroen Alice also needs some refinement, as takes an inordinate amount of space, although it supports Bluetooth and has a USB input. More compact model of audio system in the normal version, but instead of the four invited speakers there are only two. However, for a fee receiver RDE can be replaced by RC45.

Also optionally the new model Citroen Alice available cruise control and such systems, как и ESP ASR. Fuel consumption in a version with an engine capacity in 1,6 l. capacity of 115 HP. approximately 7-8 L/100 km. in the city and around 6,5 L/100 km. on the road. At the same insulation looks worthy. But a lot of reckless driver on such a car will squeeze, Citroen Alice is designed more for measured family walks out of town for a picnic (without dashing turns and overtaking) or a trip to the supermarket. This is a good, comfortable and reliable car for everyday use, but not for the extreme tricks. Adjusted, soft suspension will provide the same soft, smooth ride, which is important when transporting children.

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