The history of mass-produced cars

Overview of Japanese concept cars

We present you a few brief historical review of Japanese concept cars.

Nissan Trail Runner.

1997 year

The main qualities of this model is the wheels with tires 205/55 R18 and finalizing of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, as well as

турбомотор от Nissan Pulsar. Instead of the standard gearbox car has a CVT with six ranges, selected manually.

Interior of the vehicle is also equipped with a variety of innovations, as, например, projection readings on the windshield. The machine had xenon headlights and was decorated in a bright yellow color.

Honda Argento Life.

1995 year

Concept stands out for its aggressive coloring, but it is an elegant European-.

To create the body panels used different materials - aluminum and fiberglass. At the same time the car had engine capacity 2,5 l, set longitudinally with respect to the wheels.

Mitsubishi HSR-II.

1989 year

Kotsept car this model is completely experimental for us and fully focused on speed - the car had over crackdown 320 km / Time, moreover, he had special aerodynamic elements. There have been 6 - Two rear, One Rear diffuser, side eementy, as well as the front splitter. This achieves the minimum drag.

По сути, concept is the car of the future, as, except stunning aerodynamics was able to recognize obstacles and road signs.

Dome Zero.

1978 year

The concept was a Japanese dream of supercar. Vehicle equipped with a powerful motor, which was within the base. Also gearbox with 5 steps.

Despite all the advantages of the concept, certify it did not work, due to a failure in Japan and losers in a foreign race.

Suzuki GSX-R/4.

2001 year

The car belongs to those popular in Japan class sports runabouts.

Dimensions of the machine were so small (3,5 m in length and 640 kg body weight), she became the owner of the powerful motor of the legendary motorcycle GSX-1300R Hayabusa.

Concept itself has not passed a series, oDNAKO Became "the father" for the Formula Hayabusa.

Yamaha OX99-11.

1992 year.

Is the "brother" of the previous concept of motorcycle manufacturers, but the engine was modified in a certain way, that allows a speed 100 km / h in just 3,2 with.

Dynamics of the car just hit.

The car did not come out to the markets because of high prices - customers will not be able to buy the car at a price 800 thousands of dollars.

Mazda RX-500.

1970 year

Concept had actually standard for Mazda Wankel, but developed 247 horsepower. To this were added power small size and awesome aerodynamic. Concept used for testing of various phenomena at high speeds.

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  2. Gazed at the picture, looked — this concept is Honda. Quite nicely executed — really car of the future. Especially fun Beat design wheels! I think through the years has 10 you will see these machines, though not in Russia, but certainly in Japan.

  3. Suzuki GSX-R/4-eto not just a car, a feast for the eyes.
    If she went into the series, then brought to the diversity in the overall composition of "run" production cars. She kind of like the children's designer.

  4. These original ideas, improvement in Japan put on a grand scale. In a dispute born truth, and competition in the most optimal product is born, combines affordable price and latest design engineers. Vivat, Япония!

  5. The Japanese have always been in this business venture these jokers and usually they were able to. Always try to keep up their creativity in this field. Very much they are interesting solutions both from a technical point of view, and the design.

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