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Obnovlennyj Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and priehal to Ukraine

Official importers Mitsubishi Motors in Ukraine announced the start of sales of the new version of the SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

Rough appearance of the car has become more expressive and elegant masculine, compared with the previous model. It looks like this at the expense of the updated front bumper and new grille trim, while the machine is fully preserve the appearance of the Mitsubishi (deviz Mitsubishi- simple shapes and clean lines)

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport emerged as the new alloy wheels. More designers Mitsubishi Motors added to Turning a transparent glass in the rear blokfarah.
Changes there are in the interior of the car. Inside, there are new seat modern design . Also, second-row seats can be folded when neohodimosti, turning the five-seater car to a double truck with a large storage capacity.
Updated, due to carboxylic inserts dashboard, fully satisfy the aesthetic needs of drivers. For the convenience of drivers, New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has a display and audio system with rear view camera.
Technical characteristics of the machine have not undergone any significant changes. In all Mitsubishi is also worth 2,5- liter turbocharged diesel engine , in which there is an intercooler and all-wheel drive 4WD Super Selecta. This system allows you to change the mode of the rear-wheel-drive drive mode at speeds up to a hundred kilometers per hour. Buy a car in Russia will help the official dealer of Mitsubishi. In the Internet You can find a detailed use information.
Traditionally, giving the car a high cross on any road and good directional stability Hybrid Rear limited slip differential, independent torsion bar front suspension and solid chassis RAMS. In addition to the above,, cope with a variety of obstacles will help five-speed automatic overeating, that can adjust to the driving style.

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