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Новая Toyota Auris. Universal — для тех, who waited

Most recently, the largest Japanese car company Toyota announced, that called Toyota Auris will be as mean and wagon. Universal Auris has almost the same characteristics, chto and modification Auris hatchback. Differences except in the body, but also an increase in the trunk half who will be one of the reasons in favor of the versatile choice, Than Hatchback.

As mentioned above, basic parameters remain the same. Wheelbase is the same and 2600 mm, but overall length has increased by almost 30 см. Cargo Volume (compared to modification hatchback) become more at (530-360) l. But even this amount can be increased, lowering the rear seats. Then the "new rack" is more than two meters. Body volume is versatile 1658 l.

Small changes in the exterior, as: new bumper, new trunk door, facilitate loading luggage, lowering the loading height on 100 mm. Более того, there appeared additional bracing for things and nets. And one of the benefits - one-touch folding rear seats (directly from the luggage).

As for the engine, all the same 1.8 liter petrol "engine" in 136 l. with. A little bit for Toyota, but this wagon - pure family car. Therefore, he can not please us and special rates, t. to. 100 km / h, he dials only for 10.9 секунд. Obscenities.

Toyota Auris can become the top car in Europe in 2014 year, because it has several advantages, and have a very nice design. Presumably, that the price of a new Toyota Auris is not too different from the prices of the same hatchback. Price Auris hatchback - from 681 500 RR.

As a result, Toyota has always pleases its customers excellent quality. After all, she always pays attention to novelties and innovations, to quickly bring them to their cars. For example, them Patented technology Toyota Touch or Follow-me-home (lighting system). So that, Toyota Auris Hatchback like all business people.

5 comment "Новая Toyota Auris. Universal — для тех, who waited

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  2. Nice car. And nothing, do not speed. Needless to drive. Especially on our roads. But the remainder of the claim could not be better suited for a family. And with the folding rear seats — this superbly invented. Very comfortable. And value for money pleases.

  3. Not fast, but quite comfortable and convenient car! By its parameters suitable for family use, and business people. And of course, pleases price.

  4. Despite all the problems with the top Toyota sedans, their wagons remain the best choice as a family car. I have never heard complaints about the assembly or problems in continuous operation.

  5. Да уж, Toyota has always produced quality machines. Very pleased with it, and that the company thought about the amenities for a family drive. Indeed, in such a machine can go on vacation with the family over long distances, and even, I think, not feel all heavy long way. And her husband's business trip will be comfortable.

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