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Lada X-Ray. Concept

Russian auto giant introduced the new car market crossover Lada X-Ray. As stated in the company, car embodies all the changes that are taking place today in cars VAZ.

Design of the car are going to implement in all subsequent models. The front part of, designers tried to make the sporty and dynamic, that it was not possible to mix with not one other car. The radiator grille is made in the shape of the letter X with clearly distinguished logo VAZ. The design uses a lot of chromium, which according to the manufacturer, will be highly visible in the dark. Apparently the designer of really like the letter X (X) and he decided to use it and in the wings of the car, justifying this by, the car with the terrain becomes more impressive and podkachennym. The unique pattern of the car smoothly into the rear lights, and on the trunk lid emblazoned inscription LADA. Car want to do with their own character, smooth transitions lines and a unique design to emphasize how changes, occurring within the company. Interior design has turned out very cute, informative dashboard direction clearly to the driver, It is easy to read on all indicators. The control system seemed not very comfortable, to switch the melody or update route on the map has to stretch to the regulator, which is not located in the most convenient location for the driver and it will not be easy to use while driving, but maybe this will fix the defect. All lines in the cabin is quite smooth and pleasing to the eye. New Lada planned to produce with 2015 года, now left the company not to spoil the entire design of the resulting concept car.

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