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Jeep Grand Cherokee: Off the road for him nothing

This machine is very popular among the authors, if you decide to buy a Grand Cherokee, you should check the authenticity of the number of the unit as well as to request the traffic police and find out if it is not hijacked.

The car is made in the chic interior, This is expressed particularly in expensive modifications Limited. Cabin width Grand Cherokee pretty inspiring. Spare tire is installed in the middle of the luggage, which reduces its volume. Machine capacity is not bad, but slightly inferior machines Land Rover, Chevrolet Blazer.
In our country, you'll find most versions of such motors, the V8 engine with a capacity of 5,9 и 5,2. On the used copies are often broken engine mounts. Lifters work long. On six-cylinder engines in vypuskonom collector often cracks. In the six and eight cylinder often breaks the tension roller drive belt in the implement. Also, there are problems with the valve idle air control. There may be a problem with the throttle sensor. Fragility of the fuel pump- Here is a typical drawback of all motors. Read reviews for Jeep Cherokee owners you can on the Internet. Here you will find a lot of useful information.

Most of these machines are equipped with four-speed automatic gearbox and are installed transmission Quad Track (differential lock and permanent all-wheel drive). In Quad Trek may break the center differential. Select Transmissiya Trek( rear-wheel drive with front axle without center differential), are often broken encoders lever transfer case. If the owner of cars went by Selecta Trek on hard roads with good coverage, frequent- stretched chain razdatki. The rear and front axle suspension are durable enough, to replace the bushings, and reactive stabilizer rods are kept Cockle hundred and fifty thousand kilometers.

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