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Ford Ranger again soon appear on the market in the U.S.

Reliable and powerful Ford Ranger (Ford Ranger) - Vehicles, who was the first in his class was assigned the highest five-star rating for safety. This vehicle has successfully passed the ordeal in the most severe climatic conditions, under the most extreme ambient temperatures and in the most difficult terrain. So you can be absolutely confident that, he successfully cope with all tasks, that you put in front of him.

Anti-lock braking system provides excellent level of this car handling, and electronic brake force distribution significantly shortens the braking distance, individually adjusting the braking force at each wheel of the car. Ford Ranger thanks to independent suspension and precise torque control easily overcome as wetlands, and mountainous areas of the path, it perfectly "road holding" even on slippery road or on sharp curves and obedient to manage even the most loaded body. It's pretty powerful model, equipped with advanced diesel engine, allows you to carry loads weighing more than a ton.

Ford Ranger, although a global model, in the States themselves are not sold to end 2011 year, not to create competition in the domestic market to Ford F-150. Even the production of its issued outside the country.

However, Ford did not stop improving their lineup of cars and soon the market will be the next generation Ford Ranger, wherein the bearing element will be no frame, and the body, that will make the new Ford cheaper, easy and economical in operation. For this new model should be cheaper extremely popular on the market of the United States F-150, standing in the base about 24 and a half thousand dollars and have a great value for money. But such subtleties design, such as, carrier, absolutely not interested buyer until, while the car is clearly performs its functions. The marketing department of the corporation Ford analyzed the US market and concluded, that such a vehicle is required to be in demand in their homeland.

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  2. Interesting US marketing policy: PR is not one car, to sell more. But the machine is really a workhorse, which is rather problematical roads would come up to the Russian reality. Кроме того, all necessary features: excellent handling, braking distance, patency rate — on his height.

  3. The car just shine!
    Aggressive design features indicate a true leader on the road! And who said about the little family! This car is suitable for a young boy, who would not mind a ride in his car Woman!!!

  4. For the US market is a very small pickup truck. US buyers to such a size are not used. The minimum size of the popular pickup (according to marketers) should not be less than the Toyota Tundra.

  5. What is interesting, to, The car is good, or more can not think of anything? It seems likely the first option, and I agree with the author, ведь легендарный Ford не может сделать плохую машину 🙂

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