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Уроки вождения

Driving Lessons

In the modern world is often a car is not just a means of transportation, and the need to. Does the person, resting, or is he an avid …

История успеха Volkswage

The success story of Volkswage

The German car company Volkswagen, Founded in the 30s of the twentieth century, widely known among not only because of the excellent quality of cars, …

A car with a history of

The famous film by Leonid Gaidai's "Operation Y and Other Adventures Shurika" gained huge popularity in the Soviet times. And now …

Where to start car?

The very first, that there was a car, this wheel, come up with it yet 4000 BC. And in another …

The most striking event 2012 year

To sum up the past 2012 year, and we'll see, what new changes have taken place in the year in the automotive industry.

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